London Mural Festival

London is in tier two, but you still want to meet up with friends. Look no further. London Mural Festival provides a great outdoor option for a catch-up. There are few things simpler than a walk around the city with friends and London Mural Festival provides a purpose and direction for your walk.

September 2020 saw the first London Mural Festival paint the walls of the city. It involved over 150 artists from around the world working on over 50 mural spread around every corner of the city. The pieces of street art brighten up London and bring art out onto the streets; with the organisers hoping that they will stay in place for a good number of years.

Back at the beginning of October, I wandered the streets of London tracking down some of these pieces of art. The highest concentration of art is located around the Brick Lane and Shoreditch area and this is where I choose to wander.

Below are some of the highlights in East London. Swipe through the photos to check out the art work. They are in the following order:


Things I Did This Year by Marija Tiurina

Audary Hepburn by Zabou

Happy Go Lucky by Luke Smile

BelleVille by Camille Walala

Shoreditch Mural by Mad C

Neon - David Speed

The neon paintings by David Speed are dotted around the area and regularly updated. Keep your eyes peeled. The Cat along Curtain Road is my favourite.

Forever Beta by Nerone

For more details about the festival check out the official website

For a great interactive map to help you navigate the streets check out Culture Trip's guide to London Mural Festival.