Golders Hill Park

A zoo, a pergola, deer, and views over London, Golders Hill Park is one of London’s hidden gems. It is a great place to go for a socially distanced stroll and forget about the wrongs of the world for a brief moment.

Located on the west side of Hampstead Heath, this section has all the beauty of the main heath but with slightly fewer crowds. The autumn is a perfect time visit with the green leaves turning golden before falling to the grounds.

The Zoo:

The most surprising part of this London park is the small zoo. See if you can spot the various birds, lymers, and wallabies hiding. My favorite was the kookaburra. However, it was behind two metal fences, so I was unable to get a good photo. You will have to visit yourself.

Visit the Deer:

Next to the zoo, in one corner of the park, you will find a deer enclosure. Pause for a minute and admire their natural beauty.

A photograph of a deer in Golders Hill

The Pergola:

You have probably seen the pergola on the numerous Instagram posts. However, those basic posts do not do it justice. Walk along the top of the pergola and look at the park stretching out below you.

The Woods:

In the autumn this is a perfect place for a walk. Stroll among the golden trees and breath in that smell of rotting leaves. The woods are truly beautiful at this time of year. When the light shines through the trees and lights up the forest floor you will struggle to take a bad photo.

Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath

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